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 Want to join OT-AF Urban? Read here!

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Want to join OT-AF Urban? Read here! Empty
PostSubject: Want to join OT-AF Urban? Read here!   Want to join OT-AF Urban? Read here! EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 8:07 am

You think you have what it takes to defend our cities and outposts from the threat of terrorist attacks? Alien invasions? Mutant riots? Fill out an application in the format listed below. [We are a roleplay org that tries to stay in character as much as possible in game. We do plan to branch out to doing raids and other stuff eventually, but our main focus will always be on RP]


Previous Detachments (orgs):

Reason for leaving:

Clearance (level):


Why you want to join us:

What you expect from us:
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Want to join OT-AF Urban? Read here!
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