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 About OT-AF Urban Division

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The Armed Forces division of Omni-Tek, Omni-AF begins where Omni-Pol ends. Omni-AF is a corporation-wide entity and handles everything from guarding internal facilities and employee-only cities and planets, to wide-scale action such as attack, defense and tactics in Omni-Tek's war with the Sol Banking Corporation. They operate under the control of Omni-Prime, however, they answer to the highest available authority when not told otherwise.

The Urban Division is a specialized force, who's main focus is on Omni-Tek's many cities and outposts. While Omni-Pol would be responsible for arresting criminals, OTAF-UD would be the back up called if the situation got out of control. Trained in urban combat and riot situations they are able to respond at a moments notice and can disperse a crowd with lethal accuracy.

The specialized training also makes them optimal for strikes against enemies in urban setting as well. They are not only trained to protect, but also as a strike force.
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About OT-AF Urban Division
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