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 OTPC: Citizens found mutilated and killed

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OTPC: Citizens found mutilated and killed Empty
PostSubject: OTPC: Citizens found mutilated and killed   OTPC: Citizens found mutilated and killed EmptySat Oct 04, 2014 4:36 pm

OTPC: Citizens found mutilated and killed
September 14th, 29488

The bodies of Robert Janqari, general merchandise vendor, and his wife Eileen were found two days ago in their home in an apartment complex of Omni-1 Trade. The situation is unusual since neither reclaimed, but also in the method of the murders. Both had been killed by deep slashes to their throats, which according to the investigators were deep enough to have nearly decapitated both victims. One investigator said: "Not only did the attacker viciously attack both victims, but it appears the weapon used was a double bladed sword - a somewhat unusual weapon to find in use here on Rubi-Ka."

Any possible witnesses to anyone or anything unusual near apartment complex 3 on the night of September 12, 29488 are asked report to Omni-Pol with relevant information.
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OTPC: Citizens found mutilated and killed
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