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 OTPC: Employees missing after cyborg attack

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OTPC: Employees missing after cyborg attack Empty
PostSubject: OTPC: Employees missing after cyborg attack   OTPC: Employees missing after cyborg attack EmptySat Oct 04, 2014 4:35 pm

OTPC: Employees missing after cyborg attack
September 10th, 29488

Yesterday, two corporate facilities were hit by cyborgs in flash attacks. An emergency signal was sent from a research facility in Eastern Foul Plains and later from Outpost 10-3.

The response was immediate and several units from OTAF were dispatched, led by Commander Bradford and Major Kellon of the armed forces. The cyborg onslaught in Eastern Foul Plains was met with extreme prejudice and dealt with in a swift manner.

The facilities suffered substantial structural damage, but Omni-Engineering reports that repairs are nearly finished and that the facilities will be fully operational within the day.

Today, Omni-Med and Omni-Security released statements that several employees among the defensive forces are unaccounted for. None of them have entered the reclaim system, and it is presumed they are still alive, but in cyborg captivity.

Families have been notified and are reassured that the corporation will stop at nothing to retrieve the employees.
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OTPC: Employees missing after cyborg attack
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