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 OTPC: Board members missing

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PostSubject: OTPC: Board members missing   OTPC: Board members missing EmptySat Oct 04, 2014 4:37 pm

Cyborgs invade Omni-HQ and abduct board members
September 26th, 29488 Global

In a bold and unexpected move last night, groups of cyborgs disguised as Omni-Armed forces hit several locations in Omni-HQ and other areas as well.

Director Sergeyich released the following statement: "This it not something new. We have started testing all employees again and will continue to do so. All teams have been dispatched and every effort is being made to trace and find the location they are being held. Omni-Security will not rest until they are found!"

Major Rintaro added, "They made an attempt on me last night as well in Rompa. I was able to fight it off with the help of Corporal Renard and Sergeant Mercer of the OT-AF Urban Division. We thought we had taken it off line and Director McVert came and transferred it. I wonder if this was part of their plan."

The follow is a list of the currently missing board members, any information any one has or finds should be directed to the Omni-Security office:

Director Lani Wannja - Omni-Com

Director Channing McVert - Omni-R&D

Director Rita Prestin -Omni-Med

Everyone at OTPC is hoping for a safe and speedy recovery and we know Omni-Security will do everything in their power.
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OTPC: Board members missing
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