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 [File] Prototype Cyborgs

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PostSubject: [File] Prototype Cyborgs   [File] Prototype Cyborgs EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 8:16 am

The following is what Intel has been gathered on the now two cyborgs that seem to be leading the raids.

Physical Description: Vary tall, one male one female in appearance. Male has been seen with and with out helmet which bears a skull insignia. Female has not been seen with helmet. Both faces of the male and female are typical of what we have seen in other cyborgs. Damage to the flesh and what appears to be cybernetics integrated into the skin.

Apparel: Male is wearing a black armor type, rumored to be called cyborg death squad armor and a dark colored cloak. The female has been seen wearing OTAF armor and a dark colored cloak.

Weapons: Both the male and female use two rather large hand guns. Unidentified at this time. The rounds fire from it seem to hit with normal projectile damage but also have exploding nano programs built into it.
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[File] Prototype Cyborgs
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