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 [Wanted] Cora "Agentcora" Jones (formerly Geers)

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[Wanted] Cora "Agentcora" Jones (formerly Geers) Empty
PostSubject: [Wanted] Cora "Agentcora" Jones (formerly Geers)   [Wanted] Cora "Agentcora" Jones (formerly Geers) EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 8:08 am

Per the office of Omni-Security: Cora Geers is a wanted criminal
September 4, 29488 [Global]

The following has been received directly from Director Ivan Sergeyich, authorized for immediate distribution.

As of this date and time, Cora Geers, who has been stripped of all rank and powers under Omni-Pol, is considered a wanted criminal and should be arrested on sight.

Handle with extreme care. Notify your nearest Omni-Pol or Omni-AF office if she is spotted.

Do not attempt to apprehend alone.

Director Ivan Sergeyich,
Omni-Security, Rubi-Ka
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[Wanted] Cora "Agentcora" Jones (formerly Geers)
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